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KNOW Us Before You SEE Us


At SIT every shoot is a time of carefree fun and laughter. We seem like a family on screen and behind the screen we are much more than just colleagues. The best part of our storylines is that, the characters we portray are so different from our real life personalities, that it’d be hard to tell which one is the real personality. So after having made multiple videos on husbands, wives, relationships and various other topics, we believe it is essential for our viewers to know more about our actors to be able to appreciate them more on screen!

Rohini on screen is shown to be a very bossy and demanding wife. She is particular and picky about all she does and is mostly nagging her husband to do things the right way. But in reality the stark difference is the amount Chhavi Mittal looks up to her husband (Mohit Hussein), she in true sense is quite smitten by her hubby! Her caring nature outpours off screen as well while she makes sure everyone gets their meals on time and are well taken care of. Even if it is as specific as Karan's 6 whites and 1 yolk bhurji along with his smoothie! Rohini’s habits of being careful are well inspired by Chhavi as she tries to ensure that damage is under control much before the water rises above the head. But behind all of that seriousness, there is Chhavi who cracks up at every one liner cracked by her director/ husband ( Mohit Hussein). Sometimes her laughter overpowers shooting and has to be controlled so the shots can be resumed!


On screen Rishi, seems like a diligent and loving husband, who goes to lengths to make his demanding wife happy. But quite surprisingly Karan V Grover plays this role completely without any actual experience because in real life, he is unmarried! But he does have a girlfriend, so we can’t say he has no expertise in managing the lady tantrums! But he as an individual is a very independent person who is never clingy and rarely depends on others for his demands. On screen he may seem sensitive & needy but in reality it is really hard to offend Karan or even to see him sulking anywhere.


Onscreen Abhimanyu seems like the best you can ask for in a husband. Always knows how to deal with situations, loves his wife the most and takes care of her like no other and is wise beyond his years. The best part is that he somehow always knows what to say. But quite contrasting to it, Pracheen Chauhan also isn’t married and leads the happy single life, with little or no practical knowledge of the married life. Moreover he may seem like an outgoing person on screen but in reality he is quite shy, and rather than saying the right thing at the right place, is often scared of saying the wrong thing at the wrong place! He is reserved as an individual and opens up to only a select few. Seems like quite a different person off screen, right?

The most diverse role played, is that of Baby. With her trademark body language and accent, Shubhangi Litoria has created a unique character at SIT with her charm. Playing the role of a nuisance creating maid, Shubhangi in real life is far from that. As the viewers can see from her portrayal on screen, she is an extremely creative individual, but what viewers don’t know is the fact that Shubhangi is a gym freak. And not the kind who just goes to the gym every alternate day for a run on the treadmill, but rather the kind who does heavy weight lifting and some serious hard core crossfit training! Surprising, right?


Moving on to Pooja Gor, she plays the role of Meera quite diligently. As a wife, she makes her best attempt to understand Abhimanyu and reflects oodles of maturity through the way she deals with situations! She shows to be an extremely caring wife, to the extent that she is terrified of bike rides for both her and her husband’s sake. But in reality Pooja loves herself a good bike and she is a true biker chic and you can see the proof on her Instagram page easily. As she performs her wifely duty on screen, off screen Pooja is the perfect tomboy and quite amazingly you don’t see even a bit of that reflecting through her character on screen. She adds on to the fun element on the sets as she is most often the child we need to make us laugh.

Each of these characters are curated carefully by Mohit Hussein, the founder of SIT. And the characters come from different parts of his personality and the best part is that he displays signs of each character in his own aura. While you can often see Rohini cooking in the episodes, it’s actually Mohit who is a great and experimentive cook. Quite fascinatingly, the episode where Rohini takes a century while ordering her subway sandwich was inspired by a real life incident of Mohit ordering his sandwich. Much like Rohini he too is extremely particular in the way he likes his things.  And boy can he write a thesis about toasted vs grilled!
The maturity with which Abhimanyu and Rishi deal with Meera and Rohini, too, comes from Mohit. At any particular time when the wife (
Chhavi Mittal) gives him a hard time, he willingly takes it all in without fighting back because of the amount he loves her (and not because he's henpecked).  But unlike Baby, Mohit likes everything spic and span, in fact the days the maid doesn’t come, the house is the cleanest because he does a better job than all maids put together!

Now that you know our characters in and out, make sure to watch out for our videos every Thursday and to subscribe to SIT. Meanwhile join us while we are still trying to figure out who the Boss is between Rohini and Baby!


SIT presents, Maid in Heaven- BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

Featuring Shubhangi Litoria as Baby and Chhavi Mittal as Rohini



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