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Every Thursday our enormous team of talented actors, our director, assistant directors and the whole crew together produce episode after episode to entertain our viewers. While our behind-the-scenes videos might make you believe that behind each shoot there is a party atmosphere and that everything runs as smooth as butter, that isn’t always the case. Each shoot comprises its own share of fun, memories and of course, struggles. The same applies for this week’s video which has a dose of adventure behind its making. So much that there is an entire episode dedicated to just the making of the episodes of our upcoming Web-Series.


Sometimes odds are just not in our favour, and that seemed to be the case for the team of The Family Vacation, but that didn’t stop us from making an entire experience out of the journey. From a simple travel that was meant to initiate in Mumbai and end in Kasauli, the journey turned much longer than expected as dark clouds shadowed the plans much like they did the Chandigarh airport. And while plans were to reach Kasauli by 12 in the afternoon, the team found themselves stranded at the Delhi airport till 1:30 PM, eventually being driven to Kausali in a 17 seater tempo traveller!


While the team dreamt of a comfortable journey till Kausali in flights, they found themselves experiencing every mode of travel possible. From cars to buses and even snippets of trains. The short lived journey turned into 24+ hours of travelling and adventure. Where they even found themselves lodging in a hotel with a revolving restaurant in the middle of nowhere!


But what seems more surprising is that even though, a trip that could have been fulfilled in comfort transformed into hours of sleepless bus travel, the team’s motivation and determination drove them to a point that everyone on the team accepted whatever came their way (Even if it was threats of impending landslides in Kasauli). Even as the possibility of almost postponing the shoot loomed over the web-series, the team braved it all and reached Kasauli a day later than planned. A sleep deprived and exhausted crew landed at Tata Housing- Myst in Kasauli, which with its sheer beauty rejuvenated the crew enough to shoot. The weather cooperated with them as if rewarding them for having gone through such a daunting journey as they enjoyed the ‘not too cold’ and ‘not too hot’, weather of Kausali, with just the right amount of fog.

While most of us dream of travelling with books and soulful music, the creator/Founder of SIT, Mohit Hussein just had one thing on his mind- to finish the scheduled shoot despite the delays! So no matter where they were, be it the bus or cars, they utilised the time to their fullest as they read through scripts and practiced scenes.



Fortunately for the Hussein, the actors settled right into the mode of the episodes without much need for practice or explanations. In the midst of all this, while unfortunate Karan V Grover couldn’t sleep a wink, Ayub Khan used each and every moment in the best way possible. No matter where you left him and even if it were for 5 minutes, you’d find him snoring his troubles away. Wouldn’t it be perfect if we could all sleep away the wasted moments in our day?


So while you enjoy what we create for you every week, we’d like you to get a glimpse of all the sweat and hard work that goes into the creation of all these fun filled episodes for our viewers! And that’s exactly what we present to you this week and to give you a glance behind the creation of characters such as MR. CHOPRA (Ayub Khan), MRS. CHOPRA (Deepika Amin), SAPNA CHOPRA (Preetika Chawla), KUNAL CHOPRA (Gunjan Utreja) and our all-time favourites RISHI (Karan V Grover) and ROHINI (Chhavi Mittal), SIT presents trailer launch of 'The Family Vacation’ along with a glimpse of the making of the web-series and all the antics involved in the same!




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Fiza Anand