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Maid vs Pregnancy

After the many experiences you may have faced in your life and along with the multiple Shitty Ideas Trending episodes on maids, I believe it is well established that they aren’t just helpers who come for a day’s job and leave. They become a part of our daily routines and to quite an extent the family as well.  While the husband and wife may argue day and night about who left the bathroom dirty, the maid cleans the mess you’ve made making your life much simpler.

But the maid too is used to a balance or pattern, and I believe we’ve all seen those scrunched up faces when they realize that there is going to be a guest in the house for a few days. So how do you think they’d react to a more permanent member? While the husband and wife plan to take a step further in their marriage, how does one break it to the maid that there is going to be a third member in the house who would require a lot of care and attention?



There could be various reactions to this revelation. Some of them grow to be too fond of the families they work for and simply accept this good news while providing old granny tips on how to take care of the incoming joy. For them the additional responsibility wouldn’t be a burden and she may see it like a happy increasing family. They often end up developing a bond with your child before you know it  and playing the role of a nanny, a second mother and so much more in your absence. But that’s one scenario.


Maybe the maid doesn’t feel as blessed and feels the need to pack and run because she doesn’t want to accept the incoming responsibilities and work load. So while your good news is your fortune, it might be panic and flee mode for her as dealing with a pregnant lady in the house may not be her cup of tea.

And then there might be the one who realizes what she can benefit out of this situation and decides to dip her feet into the pool of happiness that the husband and wife are building, by asking for a raise or a bonus. Mauke ka fayeda.

Maids are a part of our households, and each woman depends on their maids to quite an extent while going through pregnancy, which often might require a lot of love and care. But while some might be more than willing to help around and lend a hand in the daily chores a little more than usual, some might be averse to the idea.


So what do you think happens when ROHINI (Chhavi Mittal) and RISHI (Karan V Grover) break this news to BABY (Shubhangi Litoria )? Which of these scenarios do you think BABY would fall into, or would her reaction be completely different from what you may have thought? Watch the Maid in Heaven  S2 E7 to know!


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Fiza Anand